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Our Mission is to discover, develop and give patients access to innovative medicines that improve quality of life. 


To achieve this we maintain highly dedicated, quality teams, who work unstintingly to reach our goals.


The core values of all our work are commitment, integrity and getting results. Additionally, we operate in a commercially, socially and environmentally responsible manner.



Chiesi Ltd. embraces a shared set of corporate values that shape our day-to-day business practices and encourages cooperation with our employees and partners:




Chiesi encourages transparent ethical conduct at every level by working openly with health care professionals and in line with all relevant regulations. This means we are aware of, and we are able to fulfil, our responsibilities to the patients and communities we serve. 


Focus on people


The wellbeing of patients on our therapies is our main focus. We do this by providing  a wide range of products and support services, underpinned by a great deal of passion for our work.


Within Chiesi Ltd. people are our most valued resource, so facilitating their personal and professional development and enhancing the quality of their working environment is also of high importance. We provide an environment in which the overall wellbeing and welfare of all our staff is prioritised.


Team spirit


Chiesi employees are never alone. Our success lies in our ability to work as a team. Every single colleague is an integral element of our company. We work together to shape the future, practice our values and represent Chiesi to our health care partners, customers, suppliers and to the public.


Chiesi employees are part of a family in which each and every one is valued and contributes. Our success is built on the open exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience. We work together to achieve the best way to improve patients’ lives.


Every one of us is Chiesi!”


Personal accountability

Everyone at Chiesi accepts their personal responsibility to uphold our Company values and reputation, whilst diligently pursuing the interests of patients and their health care professionals.


Focus on customers

We are constantly reviewing the complex needs of health care professionals and their patients, so as to meet their needs as fully as possible, by assuring the excellence of our therapeutic solutions.


Value creation

We create value for health care providers and patients through:

  • Entrepreneurship, using our skills and resources to provide solutions that meet the local challenges they face.
  • Innovation, drawing on the scientific talents, imagination and professional rigour of our teams to satisfy unmet medical needs.